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Become Involved in Protecting & Restoring Hanauma Bay

Who We Are

Hanauma Bay is one of the most biologically, historically, spiritually, and culturally significant marine environments in Oahu. Hawaii’s oldest Marine Life Conservation District with its striking underwater landscapes are home to over 450 varieties of fish and vibrant coral reefs. This has made Hanauma Bay a popular tourist attraction continuously impacted by associated environmental stressors. Friends of Hanauma Bay provides a stewardship community, educational resources, and engaged advocacy with key local, State and Federal decision makers. Our goal: to conserve, protect, and restore Hanauma Bay.

About Us

What We Do

E Komo Mai

The Friends of Hanauma Bay is dedicated to the conservation of coastal and marine environments, emphasizing stewardship of the natural resources of Hanauma Bay. If you love Hanauma Bay, join us in our efforts to preserve the Bay for future generations.

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Members will receive our bi-monthly newsletter via email and will be notified of special events, activities, and important legislative issues related to Hanauma Bay conservation efforts.

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Please Consider A Tax-Deductible Donation to the Friends of Hanauma Bay. By just a button-click or two you can contribute to any of three separate categories of our support for Hanauma Bay.

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Friends of Hanauma Bay has sponsored quarterly clean ups of the Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve since 1991. Learn more about these events, when they’re happening, and participate with us as we protect Hanauma Bay.

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