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Who We Are

How We Help

Community Stewardship

We consistently engage with the community to provide an inclusive environment. This involves scholarship programs, cleanups of the bay, community outreach activities, support of the annual Hawaii State Science and Engineering Fair and more!


Miscommunication and lack of knowledge can have dire consequences on coastal and marine environments. To combat this, we provide resources and education on why conservation is important and how to continue to protect Hanauma Bay.

Engagement with
Key Decision Makers

We work with a broad spectrum of key decision makers by communicating the vision, concerns and recommendations of Hanauma Bay stakeholders, as well as scientific findings and research relevant to marine conservation.


Friends of Hanauma Bay is dedicated to the conservation of coastal and marine environments, emphasizing stewardship of the natural resources of Hanauma Bay.

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How We Started

Designated the first Marine Life Conservation District in Hawaii in 1967, Hanauma Bay is an extraordinary and complex marine environment with unique coral formations and more than 450 varieties of fish. Approximately 25% of these corals and fish are endemic to Hawaii, and some are endangered. Hanauma Bay is also a haven for endangered marine species like the endemic Hawaiian Monk Seal and Green Sea Turtles. Visitors and tourists have been traveling for years to witness and enjoy the beauty and exceptional biodiversity of the Bay. Unfortunately, this over tourism has had direct adverse impacts on the fragile marine environments and wildlife that make Hanauma Bay their home. Without concerted and persistent efforts from community stakeholders to ensure its status as an MLCD was respected, Hanauma Bay’s future survival was not guaranteed. This striking underwater landscape teeming with biodiversity would be lost to the world.

In 1990, Friends of Hanauma Bay was founded to conserve coastal and marine environments, emphasizing stewardship of the natural resources of Hanauma Bay. As community stewards, advocates for marine and coastal environments, and knowledge sharers, we work with key decision makers across a broad spectrum and other conservation organizations to make that goal a reality. You, too, can be a part of this critical ongoing and rewarding mission. Please join us today to ensure Hanauma Bay remains a thriving marine environment and iconic symbol of successful environmental stewardship around the world.

Our Values

Empowering Environment

Friends of Hanauma Bay provides a direct means for everyone, everywhere, to help conserve, protect and restore Hanauma Bay for current and future generations. Our organization is dynamic, engaging and inclusive to help empower everyone to contribute to our mission.

Knowledge Sharers

We take the responsibility of sharing knowledge seriously. We aim to keep our members up to date with news, provide them with education and resources on how to best conserve Hanauma Bay, and provide opportunities for their collaboration with other organizations.

Advocates for Coastal and Marine Environments

We advocate for coastal and marine environments by working directly with local governments and key decision makers. To make the process more efficient, we transform stakeholder input and scientific research into understandable and impactful communication.

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