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Aloha Friends,

Thanks to overwhelming community, NGO and business support, the Hawai’i State Senate passed SB132 yesterday. SB132 proposes to add two more harmful petrochemicals, avobenzone and octocrylene, to Hawaii Act 104, 2018.

Below is a press release on this important victory. Please share with your friends and families, and ask for their continued support in the weeks to come as we work together to advocate for its passage through the Hawaii House of Representatives.

We should know the House committee assignments for SB132 in the next week or so. Once the bill is scheduled for hearings, we will have an opportunity to provide testimony to our Representatives on this important issue. Passing SB132 through the House will be challenging, but we hope the newest study by Dr. Downs and others confirming octocrylene degrades into the known carcinogen benzophenone will help convince our Representatives that sunscreens with petrochemicals octocrylene and avobenzone do not belong in our marine environments.

We will keep you posted on developments.  Mahalo,

Anke Roberts
Outreach Coordinator
Friends of Hanauma Bay