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Turtle Bay Conservation Legislation – Please Support!

Please see below link to information sheet pertaining to currently proposed legislation for Turtle Bay Conservation.

Link:  Go to TurtleBaySB284InformationSheet

This historic agreement to conserve 5 miles of shoreline and over 665 acres of land, and to ensure public access to over 8 miles of recreational trails is in jeopardy.

The legislation has not moved forward on the bill (SB 284) that would ensure last year’s conservation transaction becomes a success.  SB 284 makes technical changes to the financing bill that passed with overwhelming support (THANKS TO YOU !!!) last session to extend the time the State, County, private landowners, and community partners have to complete the transaction.

Please take a moment to send an email to the House of Representatives to ask them to support the completion of the Turtle Bay Conservation deal that was approved last session, and to stand by the Governor in the collaborative effort.

Key house leaders to contact today (Note: Clicking on any of the below <mailto:… link will launch your email program pre-filled with the email address):