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Continuing Education at Hanauma Bay during Friends of Hanauma Bay June Clean-up

On Saturday, June 10th, THE Ohio State University Alumni Club of Hawaii had the opportunity to continue their education about the marine life at Hanauma Bay prior to joining Friends of Hanauma Bay for our June 2023 Clean-up.

Photo by Thomas Gaupp

Photo by Thomas Gaupp

Mahalo to the Hanauma Bay Education Program for sharing information about Hanauma’s fragile marine ecosystem with the 29 Buckeye members and their families. During this educational outreach, the Buckeyes also learned why micro plastics in particular are a serious hazard to marine life, and why all beach clean-ups play a vital role in trying to keep Hanauma Bay as hazard-free for wildlife and human visitors as possible.

The Buckeyes and their families were also taught how to identify fish found in Hanauma Bay by their appearance, habitats, and behavior. This information enriches their snorkeling experience not just at Hanauma, but anywhere they have the opportunity to snorkel.

Photo by Thomas Gaupp

The Buckeyes and their families also had the wonderful opportunity to learn about and view a Hawaii monk seal, which was hauled up on the beach. Seeing a Hawaiian monk seal in its natural environment while maintaining the required distance from this protected species is always an exciting experience, and we are all fortunate that Hanauma Bay provides these endangered animals a safe harbor.

And on top of enjoying that excellent continuing education outreach, the Buckeyes and their families helped clean up the beach at Hanauma Bay. Mahalo to the Buckeyes, Hanauma Bay Management, and the Hanauma Bay Education Program for making it such a wonderful day!